Nora Antony is a character in the science fiction comedy television series Upload. She is a customer service rep for Nathan Brown in his digital afterlife. Nora Antony is portrayed by Andy Allo.

Character overview[edit | edit source]

Nora helps people transition into the afterlife. They call her "angel" when they need her. She has a strong relationship with her father, who is afflicted with a terminal illness in his lungs; and is also good friends with her coworker Aleesha. On the other hand, she strongly dislikes her boss Lucy.

History[edit | edit source]

Nora planned to become a lawyer but her parents were unable to pay for college due to her mother's medical bills.

Nora uses a dating app called Nightly, but she finds it fraught with the downsides such as fake profiles and getting bad reviews.

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Nora Antony appears in the following episodes:

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