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Ingrid Kannerman is a main character in the science-fiction comedy television series Upload. She is a wealthy sociality and Nathan Brown's now ex-girlfriend who is "a bit of a control freak." Ingrid Kannerman is portrayed by Allegra Edwards.

Character overview[]


She was into her boyfriend, Nathan Brown. When he came home for Thanksgiving, she was there. The two later spent some time together. She went on a romantic getaway in their cars and made love. After he left, his car went but died. She was there in the hospital when he got scanned.

Plot summary[]

Episode 1[]

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Episode 7[]

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Episode 8[]

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Episode 10[]

She had decided to join Nathan at Lakeview. It is inferred that she voluntarily committed suicide by scanning herself so that her mind can be uploaded to Lakeview. She walked into the 2 Gig place where Nathan was and scanned her credit card to give him another 1 gigabytes of data. When Nathan came to, he freaked, and she freaked, causing him expend all expense of his data plan, going back down to 0. As a result, she snapped her figures to see if Nathan would respond. She calls for IT help.

Season 2[]

She in fact did not suicide-scan and upload herself into Horizon. She manipulated Nathan into believing she is deceased. There she has a meltdown and talks to Nathan about their relationship.




Ingrid Kannerman appears in the following episodes:

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